Rock 'n' Roll sur les Quais de Paris

21,00 TL 30,00 TL
  • - Boyut : 30 X 30 cm
  • - Sanatçı adı : Paul Almasy
  • - ürün tipi : Art Print
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This art print displays sharp, vivid images with a high degree of color accuracy. A member of the versatile family of art prints, this high-quality reproduction represents the best of both worlds: quality and affordability. Art prints are created on paper similar to that of a postcard or greeting card using a digital or offset lithography press.

About Paul Almasy: Paul Almasy (1906 – 2003), was a pioneer of photojournalism. A native of Hungary, Almasy trekked the globe for six decades, amassing 120,000 photos in an exceptionally detailed archive of 20th century history. Stressing content over form in order to educate viewers, Almasy’s photos still exemplify artistic excellence.

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